We are always happy to assist you and answer any questions you might have. Your friendly fellow gardeners are here to give you guidance on the needs of each plant, and what supplies you should use to care for your garden. We carry different types of soils and fertilizers, and essentially serve as a one-stop-shop for all of your gardening needs.

Our Services

Landscape Designs

by our degreed Landscape Professionals who have studied Horticulture for 6 years. We have over 25 years experience designing many of Rochester’s most stunning patios, home and business landscapes.

Residential Maintenances

Our dedicated and professional crews will keep your landscape looking great all season, all for very reasonable rates! We offer a complete spring maintenance service that includes plant pruning, bed edging, plant fertilization and bed mulching.

Patios & Walkways

Properly designed, your patio and walk is the most important features of the landscape and is often the very first element designed.

Home Inspections

Are you thinking of purchasing a new house? Many potential homeowners will contact a home inspector as part of this process; the vast majority of inspectors will only do a generic assessment of the landscape and property, mainly focusing on the house itself. We offer an exterior home inspection service for potential home buyers.

Soil Tests

Knowing your soild pH,N,P and K values before you add fertilzers and soil amendments is critcal. We will test your soils for these values in order to recomend the right products products to increase your plants production.

Local & Safe Products

We strive to find suppliers that grow or manufacture in the county or state. We also understand you’re desire to keep pets and children safe, so we make every effort to find healthy and safe materials for your garden and lawns.

We are excited proud to offer these quality professional brands...

to Gardeners and Landscapers All Over Western New York