Do you want hummingbirds, woodpeckers, orioles, chickadees, cardinals, goldfinches or doves?

Let our Wild Birding department show you how to attract these beautiful birds to YOUR backyard!

Wild Birding Tips:

  • The best next builders are made of cotton fibers, so provide nesting material.
  • Mealworms will help the adults feed their young. Orioles feed their young caterpillars and are especially attracted to mealworm feeders while young are in the nest.
  • Use calcium-rich suet during egg laying time such suet cakes and nutritional suet plugs in different flavors.
  • Suet pellets and dried or live mealworms in a dish, tray or platform feeder. These are more accessible to cardinals, who have difficulty eating from a suet cage.
  • Use liquid or powder nectar to keep your nectar fresh longer.
  • Attract orioles with nectar (change every three days), oranges, mealworms and grape jelly. Put feeders out the last week of April.
  • Do not use honey, or artificial sweeteners in nectar feeders. Easy-to-use nectar concentrate is available for purchase in liquid or powder. Put feeders out the last week of April.


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